Winning Within

WHAT: Paradigm Review and Mind Share Dialogue

Participants engage in unique discussions with deep reflection, meditation, and personal assessments. Through a view of paradigm education and awakening, participants are taught skills in four key areas:

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  1. Positive Thinking & Affirmations
  2. Consciousness & Laws of Attraction
  3. Paradigm Review
  4. DIY (Do It Yourself) Success

Core Strength Training:

  • Healthy Competition – How to compete with team spirit.
  • Behavioral Assessments – Participants receive tools needed to effectively assess their behavioral impact on team and organization productivity. They’ll learn how polar behaviors of colleagues serve as their strength not their enemy.
  • Wellness – Engagement provides support to strengthen bruised emotions, confidence challenges, and offer support for immediate stress reduction and relief. We do not encourage stress management.

Expected Outcomes:

Participants are inspired, refreshed and equipped with tools to assess and reduce stress, and negative conflict triggers. They have clarity of their bias or prejudice(s). They are sensitive on how to positively impact their lives and those in their business, workplace or community.

Duration: Up to 2.5 Hours


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