Stage Master

Stage Master is a “how to” program that demonstrates simple duplicable tools to help professionals WOW colleagues and your audience. Whether you are on stage, in the board room, on the conference-video call, or a team briefing, these tools provide you with techniques to be thoughtful, engaging, motivating and memorable. Goodbye to the bore and struggle of engagement!

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Core Strength Training:

  • Powerful Openers – Engage a captive audience
  • Time Management – Learn to present without a clock
  • Tone & Inflection – The power-impact of sound
  • Pitch & Relevance – How to effectively share compelling views, difficult news, or reports
  • Effectively Motivate Others – Edification, participation, tie-backs, emotional connections, authentic leadership
  • Learner Sensitivity – Appeal to Visual, Auditory and Physical Learners, Personality, and Brain Strengths
  • Client or Consumer Closing – Close for the Sale, or Yes on the Project
  • Pre & Post Meeting Steps – Preparation and meeting follow-up
  • Art of the Messenger (Sensitivity to Messenger Styles):
    • - Story Teller (Stressor, enthusiast, dry-eyes, etc.)
    • - News Journalist (Facts only, may lack balanced perspectives)
    • - Non-Verbal (Limited verbal)
    • - Combination (Mixing of styles)

Expected Outcomes:

Participants walk away with presentation confidence, time management techniques, skills awareness in body language, and learner sensitivity. They will be able to present effectively to multi-level colleagues and audiences through impromptu, spontaneous or planned communication.

Duration: Up to 4.5 Hours


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