Power Professional (The Live Working Session)

Exclusive Seating: $700 (One-Day Only with Pre-Session Services)
VIP Exclusive Seating: $1,999 (with a 14-Day Service Layover)

Live In-Person Working Session

Why Should I Apply?

Power Professional (Our Guests) is an intimate exclusive solution designed and created for highly influential well established professionals preparing to launch their new first-time platforms. Attendees are likely to be known for their brand or relationship with a current or former corporate entity, national, global or “household-name” institution. Therefore, because of the sensitivity connected to their current or prior relationships, this power professional must protect their privacy.

Our Power Professionals have led teams, traveled, served in high-ranking positions, understand the grace and challenges of being an authority figure. Therefore they do not have time for meaningless chatter, silly trainer games, manipulation, long-seminars that render minimum results. It is likely that our guests secretly face fear, trust or insecurity issues, personal anxiety, and a sense of navigation-loss. Our guests understand that time is of the essence. They want results now with excellent execution and outcomes.

Power Professionals are willing to be connected to memberships and established brands, however they are beyond the stage of asking for permission or validation. They want sincere support, clarity and a road map. Giving, helping or sharing is innate and natural for them. It is likely that our guests have written articles, books, or programs to help others, but did not know how to ask for help for themselves. Nevertheless, Power Professionals recognize that with the power of their faith and spirit, God is Able.

What Will I Gain?

Our Live Working Session is not a typical workshop with relentless speaking and up-sales. This day-time series is packed with intentional development for measurable results.

  • Vision Mapping
  • Clients / Contracts Referrals
  • Entrepreneurial Insight
  • Banking Alternatives
  • Profile Strengthening
  • Global Start-up Tips
  • You Share! Live Test sample and demonstrate your services with us.
  • Technology Care
  • Merchandise NOW Planning

Power Professionals is a Live Only Workshop for the Transitioning Executive Ready for a Fresh Leap!


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Philadelphia, PA 19102

Service Times

Monday to Friday: 9:00AM - 8:00PM
Weekends: By Appointment Only

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