Power Branding

WHAT: Tools and Strategy for Powerful Success Branding in the Office

A highly interactive stage training to motivate team members toward strategy and goal setting for their brand design in the office. Participants are encouraged to path and design their personal professional brand.

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Part One

A. Fashion for Life

The program will open with the “Fashion for Life” Networking Showcase Stations (serving diverse genders) for participants to experience fashion tips for the office in four categories:

  1. Wardrobe Power- Styling of articles to fit your body type, turning your wardrobe into after work styling, along with cost savings tips.
  2. Hair Power– Diversity of seasonal hair, protection, and styling techniques./li>
  3. Color Style Power– How the use of fashion color blends impact your brand, presentation, and the emotions of your audience or colleagues.
  4. Aroma Power– Maintaining healthy freshness through the stress of movement and transition. Participants experience essential oils, fragrance blending, and conflict scents.

B. Leadership Strength Coaching

Participants transition to highly intense conversation through assessment tools. The tools will help create awareness of how their dominant behavior strength styles, decisions, and habits positively or adversely impact their Power Brand.

  1. Leadership Reflection– Self assessment which includes success reflection and personal responsibility.
  2. Power Networking– The importance and dangers of relationships, perceptions and connections in the office.
Core Strength Training:
  • Brand Perceptions and Techniques
  • Conversation and Communication Impact
  • Relationship Impact

Duration: Up to 4 Hours


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