1. The On-boarding & Orientation Coach



The On-boarding & Orientation Coach is an innovative best-in-class mentoring and coaching program that supports newly hired professionals in the corporate community workplace within the first 30-60 days from their start-date. The program is designed to support professionals that are:

  • Newly entering the workplace
  • Re-entering the workplace by way of a career transition
  • First-time and new workers


The On-boarding & Orientation Coach is a straight-talk live coaching session. This program is an excellent tool to offer colleagues leverage to land successfully in their new position. The live coaching session is a blend of discussions, roleplay scenarios, group and peer activities, reflection and team building exercises designed to help your newly hired colleagues be best prepared to:

  • Understand the importance of respectful communication
  • Learn how to establish professional workplace relationships
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Business (Company Culture)
  • Identify with the benefits of OJT (On the Job Training)
  • The Power of Perception
  • Employee Branding
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Participants will be assigned post-session development activities to help them measure and review their success in their new role. The post activities are designed to help the learners recognize the importance of accountability, build their branding goals, and strengthen core communication skills.


The coaching will enable participants to add value to your organization early in your organization’s on-boarding process. Participants that successfully complete this coaching session will join the organization with advanced mentoring on how to be successful in the workplace. Participants will be more confident and equipped to participate in team projects. Participants will learn how to offer equitable solutions that may help strengthen your organization’s assets. Overall, participants will strengthen your organization’s value by obtaining unique skills with the expected outcome of landing successfully in your workplace which will enable them to add value quickly.

2. Workplace Communications Training


Workplace Communications Training shares insight and transparency of how 21st Century Communication impacts the workplace. New and first-time managers, team leaders and team members with strong influence in your organization will benefit from the course training. This program is also beneficial for workers newly entering and re-entering the professional workforce.


Workplace Communications Training is designed to demonstrate blended communication and how communication can positively or negatively impact the success of the workplace. The course discusses the evolution of workplace communication, the perception and impact of gesture/animated communication, the rise of social media, barriers in communication, the power of workplace relationships, and the elevator pitch.


The participants will engage in accelerated learning activities through active listening, key discussion on the evolution of how communication has evolved in the workplace, case studies review, role-play scenarios and visual aids. The learning will enable participants to communicate professionally and effectively through instant-messaging, email and verbal communication.


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