Do I Need Coach Consulting?

This program is designed for LEADERS that are professional careers, or in new growing, and start-up business. The leaders gain key skills, techniques and performance training in planning and engagement. Professionals receive custom expert development support. You THRIVE in the areas listed below.


  • Client Growth & Retention
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Communications Strategy & Compelling Message
  • Fundraising and Funds
  • How to Close Deals, Presentation & Pitch
  • Core Strength(s) and Value - Discovering Your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
  • Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
  • Income Solutions and Business Expansion
  • Pricing, Rates & Contracts
  • Business Plan Mentoring
  • Strategic Planning & Timeline (Active Planning - Vision & Goal Setting)
  • Executive Presence
  • Cold Contracting
  • International Business for Beginners
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Relationship Training & Followership
  • Business Scavenger Hunt

The moment you spoke, wrote, or planned, the universe was commanded to deliver! Coaching services are designed to help you gather clear definitive actions steps toward successful outcomes. We don’t tell you what to do; we help you see what is already within your reach. Authentic coaching service is an aid to help you flush out concepts, and strategize toward successful outcomes. We hold you accountable to get you to the finish line.

Grow With Snow Solutions
Client OPEN Coaching Services

First Time Assistance
Rate: Complimentary

Starting Here! Are you new to the coaching services of Grow With Snow Services? Welcome! Our Team will gift you with a complimentary introduction and pre-wellness private call. During this call an assigned SNOW Specialist will speak with you live. We’ll begin your journey by learning about your vision and immediate needs. You’ll experience active-listening, skill discussion, with solution recommendations. Calls average up to 30 minutes. You may contact our office 7-Days a week; calls are returned on weekdays (weekends must be scheduled).

Bridge Assessment
Rate: $75.95

Next Steps! Now that you’ve experienced your initial complimentary experience with the Michelle Snow Co. Team, it’s now time for development. Your Bridge Assessment Call may be facilitated by Michelle Snow or a SNOW Specialist. Your vision, skills, passion and goals will be assessed to determine how you may upgrade, launch or grow your business / organization. You’ll experience creative consulting, pathing, a pre-assessment, and basic strength finding. Calls average up to 45 to 60 minutes, and must be scheduled. The program is SPONSORED. $75.95 is the Reservation Rate. The Bridge Assessment is Discounted! Actual Service Rate $300.00

APPROVED Client Bridge Services (Hardship Services)
Rate: Must Apply (eligibility may expire in 60 days)

Client Bridge Services is a continuation of our Gift-Sponsorship Solution Services. In an ever changing economic climate, leading professionals experience unexpected hardships. You may qualify if you are experiencing long-term or sudden loss of income, a professional crisis, or an authorized payment plan. This service is income-based, at the discretion of our company. Qualified candidates participate in group coaching, receive BONUS random private calls, and qualify for Support Plus services!

SNOW 100 (Membership Services)
Rate: $95.97 Monthly

Exclusive Client-Membership! This group offering is our Premiere Signature Service for growing or starting leaders in business and entrepreneurship. Whether you are an established brick and mortar business with profitable traffic, or a ready-to-launch new brand, SNOW 100 is your solution. You’ll experience live weekly calls, a network of affiliated business associates, free marketing promotion, unlimited referrals, endorsement, profile and contract leads, skills training to grow your business, and many more perks! Enrollment requires a first-time three month commitment.

SNOW 100+ Plus
Rate: $500 One-Month High Performance Solution (eligibility may not exceed 60 days)

High Performance Quick Service! SNOW 100+ is our Beyond the Border Service. Whether you are a working professional career pathing at a job, or an entrepreneur on your journey, SNOW 100 is a favorite. This classic quick service provides you with private one-on-one consultant-coaching with BONUS Group Development for your path toward success. Receive expedited quality mentoring in career development, business growth, and marketing. Receive all perks, and membership services of SNOW 100! SNOW 100+ Plus is a short-term custom solution to laser focus on your urgent goals and concerns.

CEO & Entrepreneur Readiness
Rate: $3,500 to $5,000 (120 Days+)

Custom Private Coach-Consultant Program! This intense 120 Day+ Private Service is our Signature All-Inclusive Leadership Solution. If you are a successful business owner, growing entrepreneur or starting leader, CEO & Entrepreneur Readiness is the right fit exclusively for visionaries. Enjoy all the perks of SNOW 100+, along with on-going weekly professional coaching, wellness, business growth, and custom vendor services, i.e. accounting, etc. Your Full Suite Coach-Consultant Services Firm! Activists, and Faith-Based leaders also find value in this incredible curriculum.

NOTE: Clients and Client-Members must qualify for contract and profile leads according to your skills, education, and or experiences. Michelle Snow Company, LLC does not guarantee specific results.

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