My Black Nostalgia

WHAT: Diversity & Inclusion for Black Cultures (Team & Leadership Building)

Fun, edgy, out-of-box culture conversation for black organizations in team and leadership development. Through the memories and connection of music, art and history, our generations connect. Participants start with the power of manufacturing big-box era by the Baby Boomers. There is a review of the height of the civil rights era through, then the conversation glides Generation Z to the Millennials to the current age of Generation Z. The coaching is fueled with gospel, rhythm & blues, disco, rap, hip hop, and even trap music. The workshop cross shares similarities between generations to renew bonds, unify encourage sensitivity and diversity appreciation.

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Core Strength Training:

  • Age Appreciation – Sensitize the young, restore-recharge the aging, stimulate confidence, and celebrate
  • Art & History Power – Visual learning through the stimulation of art and history of black culture
  • Generation Awareness – Clarity on triggers, differences and similarities of four working generations
  • Sensitivity Coaching – Delicate but necessary engagement to effectively motivate generations toward success, unification, powerful and successful results

Expected Outcomes:

Participants walk away with the ability to weigh their ability to be empathetic. They have a deeper understanding of one’s own unique triggers, qualities, qualifications, and stimuli. Bias, prejudice, and lack of concern will be reduced. Participants will be equipped with multiple tools and resources to effectively empower and motivate others. Ultimately, a request agape concern and positivity for all generations and black culture.

Duration: Up to 2.5 Hours


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Monday to Friday: 9:00AM - 8:00PM
Weekends: By Appointment Only

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